"I was a mountaineer before I was a rock art aficionado.  The beauty of the natural world, particularly rock surface texture and color, and the mountain rock formations in mountains kept me returning to climb, to explore, to photograph, and sometimes just to run my hand across the unique stone.  Inevitably, I encountered rock art".


     "Thinking about this evidence of cultures that were here so long ago gave me more perspective for appreciation of my life.  The following years during which I read about these cultures increased my fascination with the art, its purpose, and ultimate mystery".


     "Every piece of artwork I produce reconnects me to the wonder and appreciation for the petroglyphs and rock textures I enjoy".



     " I started with an education from my father in his foundational medium, concrete. I learned to cast, acid etch, and finish this versatile and beautiful material. As I became more comfortable working with this medium I began creating my own art panels, making pieces I am proud to call my own. While my father draws a strong inspiration from primitive rock art, I am inspired to create in contemporary form and design. Working in this realm led to the next evolution in my artistic life, the addition of bronze appliqué. Bronze has become my main focus. As I learn more, I am fascinated by the diverse array of colors and possibilities of using chemical patinas. The union of two very different mediums, concrete and bronze, has enabled my artwork to obtain another level of appeal and intrigue. This marriage of two classic mediums, has created a diverse and attractive collection of work, while also providing a foundation for many works to come.