Greg Kinne


Ben Kinne

Greg Kinne is an avid mountaineer, and much of the natural stone in the area is referenced in his work.  He has been teaching his proprietary staining techniques to his son Ben, who in collaboration, and with the addition of metal appliqué work, has allowed these two artists to create many evolutions in their pieces.



     "My Artwork is an integral part of my fortunate life.  Spending time in the back country skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing, hunting petroglyphs, and studying ancient rock art are just a few of my hobbies.  I also enjoy production in the studio, working art shows, designing and installing custom work in beautiful homes, music, and salsa dancing".



     "Working with my father on artwork has become an incredible experience.  We have been able to work together on building a business as well as create beautiful works of art.  It is a great situation to have the two of us exchanging ideas and creating things together we would not do individually.  I have always enjoyed hiking and exploring the natural world.  I appreciate living in an area where we can freely camp, backpack, swim and be surrounded by nature.  I also find a great value in the traveling we do throughout the seasons, the new environments we see, and the friendships we have made on the show circuit".