Acid etched Concrete Panels

The geologic medium, organic textures, and primitive images speak to the weight of time.  These elements presented on contemporary forms are meant to be displayed in the spaces we inhabit as a formal declaration of the importance and mystery of the natural world.


Patinated Bronze on Etched Panels

The contemporary nature of this series is realized through a refined use of materials and techniques.  Use of specific shapes and colors define this series, which is further embellished by bronze applique, providing contrasts in materials as well as textural detail.


Steel and Bronze on Sculpted Panels

This series is a continuing study of the nature of favorite materials; surface, effects of time, corrosion, stains and weathering, presented for consideration.  A shift from primitive imagery to elemental treatment of material, using simple compositions and space.



These freestanding, multi dimensional works employ the techniques explored in the sculptural wall pieces, evolving into a discovery of shape and form.  Use of geometric design and proprietary sculpting methods provide textural detail, while fabricated bronze elements display disciplined control in form.